Get A Hobby | September Self Portrait

I used to think they were for people who were un-busy.
But the older and wiser I get, (can I say that before I’m 30?)
I realize hobbies are truly best for people like me.

People who host frenetic conversations in their mind and people who thrive on

Full blown extrovert. I admit it.
Besides that, my husband* is recovering from a three year illness
which means I’m recovering too. In a different way.

I needed to do something with my hands. Something where I could breathe and think and not think.

And so I am embroidering butterflies on pillowcases.
$9.98 and $0.30 for these little fluffs of floss.

I know enough about crafting to know I know nothing about crafting
And even threading a needle is like,
kind of really hard.

But my shaky butterflies are getting their wings
and my mental lungs fresh air.


*someday, perhaps, I’ll write a more in-depth post about his illness, for those interested…
but we’re only four months into a promising treatment,  and more retrospect would be needed! 


This is the continuation of a self-portrait series on the blog. It’s a great way to expand creative skills and document
your year in a fresh, memorable way.  If you are a blogger or creative professional, you should give it a try!




  1. Donna Hemingsen Kleppe says:

    You amaze me! Wow. They look beautiful, I can not wait to see it all done. Great job!

  2. Bethany Jacob says:

    Great post, Abby! Those butterflies are amazing, and I know NOTHING about embroidery, but I can’t imagine the careful stitching that goes into them. Nice work! I think a lot of people need a hobby .. something to do with their hands and “think and not think,” as you described so perfectly. I wish I knew how to knit or crochet or something. I can do a lot of things with my hands–cooking etc–, but they’re not usually things where you need to sit down and work quietly for a while.

  3. Jessica Lambertz Witek says:

    They look great! I definitely don’t have the patience for embroidery but I cherish the pillow cases and flour sack towels members of my family have made me 🙂

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