Old Port Trench | September Self Portrait

If you know me, you know I frequently tend to go through … phases.
Remember that food phase where I ate a gallon of kalamata olives in 5 days?
Oh, and that time in junior high when I starting enthusiastically pumping out handmade rugs on a loom.
Well, now I’m going through a phase where I wish I could be in my forties.
Don’t ask me why, but I’m carrying around some definite mantras lately.
No more fiddle-faddle!
Efficiency is where it’s at!!!
I might have even spent an unhealthy amount of time
this morning on Pinterest looking at “Women Over 40 Haircuts”.

All of that randomness to say: I bought a new coat!
A couple chilly days in August I found myself shopping LL Bean online
and when the first of this month rolled around, my new navy trench was in my mailbox.
It’s all about classic styling friends. None of this flighty business.
In keeping with my wanna-be-40 mentality,
I wanted a practical, efficient coat that would wear well and work for me.

It sure is roomy. The shape is a bit boxier than I had hoped.
With a bit of alterations it will fit better, I think. But I love it.
Maybe you need a new spring/fall coat, too?

LL Bean Old Port Trench Self Portrait

Check it out on the web here.
(p.s. Although this picture makes it look otherwise,
my haircut today involved losing only four inches.
A short haircut is in my future….just not yet.
I need to give my husband time to get used to the idea!)


This is the continuation of my 2014 self-portrait series.
See other posts from the series here!


  1. Martha Anderson says:

    The hat looks good on you, too. 🙂

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