DO ALL THE THINGS | August Self Portrait

Self Portrait

This post gets an all caps title because friends,
August is an ALL CAPS MONTH.

If you have followed my monthly self portrait series
for any length of time you may remember last year’s post.

August is always a wild ride for the Midwestern Photographer.
And it’s uncanny how every part of life can converge upon you simultaneously.
Kid wardrobe overhaul and back-to-school shopping? Easy.
Twenty pounds of broccoli to blanch and freeze? No sweat.
Major potty training regressing aaaaaaaaaand we’re back in diapers? Whatever.
Oh, and the car brakes decided to go, too?
Why not.
It’s August.

I didn’t need any time to edit those 18,000 photos anyway.

I’ll have the maid do that.

Self Portrait Photographer

This is the continuation of my 2014 self-portrait series.
See other posts from the series here!


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