Layers For Days | January Self Portrait

If you live anywhere but the Southern tip of New Mexico,
you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that January has been brutally cold.
And fickle.
Like, two days of sunny 40’s,
in which we all high-fived each other
and wore sweatshirts.

Besides that, we spent all our spare time loading on and stripping off the layers.

Oh, the layers.

2014-01-28_0003-70 below windchill?

Why, I don’t feel a thing. Bless your heart. Have another cup of coffee?

And so, while the rest of the country is moaning about their cold little toes,
we’re just busy … doing our thing.

Everyone knows Minnesotans OWN winter.

I hope you appreciate that I wore 35 articles of clothing for these photos.


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