Cranky Carts and 24 Pencils | August Self-Portrait

T-19 days until First Grade. And so I did the obvious:
Make a trip to the local Walmart to pluck 10 glue sticks, 24 pencils and every possible Hello Kitty branded item off the shelves,
And then I put it in my cranky cart that only turns left because of a bum front-right wheel.
After zigging (not zagging) through every aisle and apologizing profusely to everyone I almost killed,
I pondered on how unlucky I was to get the dud cart.
But who am I kidding…pretty sure every cart at Walmart has a bum wheel. Can I get an Amen!

By that time, I’m at the register and see my happy eyed child admiring her new ruler.
And I feel excited right along with her. You know that great feeling when you’re beginning an adventure?
Just think of all the beautiful words that will be written with those 24 pencils!
Not even a cranky cart can take that joy away.

But seriously, do you realize that August is the worst time for Photographer’s kids to go back to school?
That’s like…when the whole town wants their photo taken!
Due to copious amounts of shooting and editing, I haven’t even showered in three days!
No pity.

***This is the continuation of a self-portrait series on the blog. It’s a great way to expand creative skills and document
your year in a fresh, memorable way.  If you are a blogger or creative professional, you should give it a try!



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