Red Lips | February Self Portrait

Last week, in preparation for the upcoming wedding season,
I picked up a couple of those “long wear” lipsticks at Target.

Honestly, most of the time my makeup routine is really simple.
I’m a yearly regular at Clinique for most of the basics.
Their shades and colors just feel so much more natural and breathable.

Makeup is fun at first, but after those initial teenage years of wearing makeup you’re kind of….over it.
Just give me something to help me look alive.

So I don’t know what got into me. (Maybe it was the $1.49 off sale?)
but I sort of picked the loudest shade of red  available.

Fargo Wedding Photographer Self PortraitAfter shocking all of the family and friends I saw that day,
I went to bed and happily reminisced about my feather boa days.

Feather Boas, you ask?
Anyone who was kind enough to be my friend when I was 14 probably remembers my bedroom walls covered in
photographs, red rope lights, and hot pink feather boas.
Ahh, yes.
Before adulthood and that whole mothering-a-child-as-loud-as-me thing
I spoke fluent, dramatic hyperbole and blasted The Music Man soundtrack a loudly as possible.
Remembering made me smile. I guess some things…like love for flair and color, never change.
I think my new lips are a rather fun addition to my makeup drawer.

And when they said “long-wear”, they weren’t kidding.
Put the stuff on at 3 p.m. and by the next morning it was still going strong.
Do you know how awkward it is to wake up with Stoplight Lips
when the rest of your face died off sometime in between sleep cycles?

For those interested:
Lip Color is Covergirl Outlast in the shade “Ever Red-dy”
Nail Color is by Essie in the shade “Geranium”.

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  1. Melissa E Earle says:

    Hilarious! I loved this!

  2. Bethany Jacob says:

    Good grief girl you look hawt!! 🙂 Awesome self-portrait … looks like a modeling shoot, for real. I remember your feather boa days. If it helps at all, I thought they (and you) were VERY cool! hahaha

  3. Kari Averett says:

    Can I borrow some of that and have you take a picture that makes me look as adorable as you?!?! LOVE IT!!!

  4. Tami Fugleberg Osweiler says:

    And you, my friend, are one of the most stunning people I know! I rather like the red…beautiful!

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