“The Paradise” | April Self Portrait

Before you start reading this post you MUST click to roll the music!

Ready? Ok. While browsing Netflix this month, I stumbled upon a new-to-me BBC drama.
“The Paradise” is set in the 187o’s and tells the story of the owners, workers and customers of the first English department store.
A country girl, Denise, comes to work at The Paradise and meets its dashing owner John Moray.
The way the producers unravel the characters layer by layer is so intriguing
and the set is sumptuous and luxurious!
By the end of the second episode, I was hooked…big time!

Minnesota Photographer Self PortraitI finished the 8 episodes in short order, the last 4 within one day. Oops.
(It was Easter vacation, ok?)

Thanks to my 6 days of episode binging, I now have this WRETCHED (okay, wonderful) theme music stuck permanently in my head.
Also, instead of asking my children “What’s wrong?” I now say things in a much more refined manner.
“What seems to be troubling you, dahh-ling?”
Season 2 is only available in the UK (Come on, Netflix, get it together!) and apparently after that, BBC axed the show. (Booooo)
But don’t worry. I even signed the petition begging for more and joined the Facebook page.
I’m such an activist.  Dramatic sigh.


This is the continuation of my 2014 self-portrait series.
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  1. Ranee Nash says:

    I was wondering where your inspiration came from! Love the photo! Don’t you hate it when a good sitcom or series comes along and then somebody takes it off when you just get hooked!?

  2. Cindy Kirk says:

    Great photograph A! Doesn’t look like we’re going to get “Paradise” back. 🙁

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