Kira | 2013 Fargo Senior Photographer

Just like last week’s post about Bailey, Kira was another model for my senior portrait event in April. She was fantastic to photograph…..I so enjoyed this event! I can’t wait to meet many more local Farg0-Moorhead seniors this summer!  Clothing for this shoot was provided by MODE on 13th Ave. near West Acres and Proper & Prim  on Broadway in Downtown Fargo. If you’re looking for some great outfits for your upcoming session, check these stores out.

It’s awesome when clients trust my creative process. 🙂 As we were driving down Main Ave in West Fargo, I spotted an orange train car that I knew would look awesome with Kira’s outfit. There were a few u-turns and some driving through a parking lot full of mud, but hey! I think it was worth it. 🙂

Loved this shoot! To schedule your own senior session, visit my website:!


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