David and Shiree are Engaged! | Fargo Engagement Photographer

It’s a familiar concept to photographers: the most beautiful, golden light occurs the hour surrounding sunrise and sunset. Typically, clients choose to save their sleep and photograph in the evening, but not so with David and Shiree! I was so excited when they requested a sunrise session for their engagement photos! I was coming off a wedding the day before, but after an early alarm + downing 16 glorious ounces of Rainforest Blend from the local Holiday station, I was ready to go!  From the moment I woke up and saw the perfectly clear skies, and I knew that we would come away with some fantastic images.

It’s always fun to photograph the few minutes before the sun breaks over the horizon. There’s something special about that dusky purple air.

The sun broke with the most stunning shades of pink, yellow and purple.

The light! The light! Light, light, light!! Okay, I’ll stop gabbing about the incredible light for a bit.

David and Shiree literally smiled and laughed their way through the entire session. Their enjoyment of each other’s company was so evident! I am already looking forward to photographing their wedding this coming September. This next image is one of my favorites. 🙂

This one too … so sweet!

After a quick change, we met up under the Fargo Theater marquee for another set of images. We had the downtown area practically to ourselves. 🙂

Thank you for the ridiculously fun session, D+S. I’ll wake up at 4 a.m. with you any time!


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