Behind The Scenes – Fargo Wedding Photography Intern Program

Fargo Wedding Photography Intern Program
Behind The Scenes

I work really hard on wedding days! My brides deserve the best and I want to give every single one my highest effort. Have you ever heard of the wedding photographer hangover? The day after weddings I typically have a foggy, bleary head and sore muscles. I drink oceans of water before and after a wedding day to stay as hydrated as possible but nonetheless, the photographer hangover is a real thing! We’re a little over a month from wrapping up my main wedding season, so today I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make beautiful images happen along with some photos of my amazing 2018 interns!

This is one of the most special days in my brides’ life.
I want to bring love, care and support to her in every moment!
Sometimes that means cracking jokes while fluffing dresses!
I befriend dogs,
and I befriend a lot of humans.
That includes a LOT of tiny humans.
I’m a flower pinning super hero,
and I constantly straighten things.
I tend to smile constantly because of the energy in the room. These moments are just so blame exciting! (Seriously, I get tension headaches in my jaw from smiling…but I can’t help it!)
I love what I do. But the BEAUTIFUL thing is that I am not doing it alone. My wedding photography intern program is going strong in it’s 4th year, and I’m SO SO grateful for these girls who come alongside me. Meet Caroline. She’s feisty, strong and an amazing conversationalist.
Meet Kelsey. She’s easy-going, incredibly kind and knows people at literally every wedding. Like, how?!
These girls came to my house this past Spring for some training.
We ate tacos and made pretty packages for my brides.
And before you knew it, wedding season was HERE.
Powered up with enthusiasm, Starbucks and Qdoba, we were ready to face whatever the year brought us.
They’ve become professional dress fluffers…Bouquet getters…Timeline readers…Light holders…Reflector folders…And let’s not forget LIGHT TESTERS! Oh, those jazz hands, Caroline!SO much attitude here.
Sitting smugly.
If there’s any photo that show the rigors of wedding photography, it’s this. I mean, look how much stuff she’s carrying!
The man behind her is stalwartly impressed.
We shoot all day. From the highest of highs,
to the the lowest of lows.
When I complain about mosquito bites,
acrobat around the room in a pencil skirt,
laugh embarrassingly loud.stick my face in people’s business,
point at people rudely,
direct the choir,
shoot in tropical storm-like winds,or wear my skirt sideways with grass on my butt,
I know these girls have my back!
They have both become such dear friends, and I am crazy proud to watch them launch their own portrait photography businesses!
Go and support them! –> Caroline the PhotographerRen Inspired

The Abby Anderson Intern Program runs from April-December each year.
If you are interested in applying, send me an email at and you’ll be put on the waiting list for information when it comes out in March!



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