West Fargo Wedding Photos | Mike and Amanda

Today I’m excited to share Mike and Amanda’s winter wedding with you!  (Remember their engagement session?) Mike and Amanda were married this past Friday at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Moorhead, reception at Bonanzaville, USA in West Fargo.  Today’s Bride Amanda happens to be best friends with another 2014 Bride, also named Amanda. And as if that weren’t enough, they both married guys named Mike! Such a fun world. 🙂 Amanda chose the most perfect shade of green as her main color, and combined woodland themes, a classic church ceremony and a historic reception venue for an enchanting, nostalgic wedding day.  I love Mike and Amanda’s invitations. What a perfect way to introduce the day!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0001

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0002Shortly after I arrived, Mike and Amanda were ready for their first look and portraits.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0004West Fargo Wedding Photos_0005West Fargo Wedding Photos_0006These shades of green + the aged wood backdrop is so perfect!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0007As soon as we started portraits, I’m not kidding you….every winter bride’s dream CAME TRUE.
Light snow sprinkles started falling and landing in Amanda’s beautiful brown hair!
In my head I might have started singing “Snooooowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelaaaashes…♬♪♫”

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0008Perfect!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0009
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0010West Fargo Wedding Photos_0011Favorites!!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0012West Fargo Wedding Photos_0013
West Fargo Wedding Photos_0014West Fargo Wedding Photos_0015West Fargo Wedding Photos_0016West Fargo Wedding Photos_0017We also snapped a few inside, at the old fashioned bar just inside of Dawson Hall.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0018West Fargo Wedding Photos_0019And here’s something fun:
At one of our meetings, Amanda showed me this photo of her grandparents and asked to recreate something like it on her wedding day.
Done and done!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0020The beautiful bridesmaids!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0021West Fargo Wedding Photos_0022West Fargo Wedding Photos_0023The wedding party in front of “Fargo’s First Home”.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0024West Fargo Wedding Photos_0025West Fargo Wedding Photos_0026West Fargo Wedding Photos_0027The groomsmen liked Squanto.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0028West Fargo Wedding Photos_0029West Fargo Wedding Photos_0030West Fargo Wedding Photos_0031A few more photos in front of Dawson Hall

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0032We made a stop at Moorhead’s famous tree, just a few blocks from Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0033West Fargo Wedding Photos_0034Love this next photo:

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0035At the church, Mike and Amanda’s families and grandparents joined them for some photos.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0036West Fargo Wedding Photos_0037Time to get married!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0039West Fargo Wedding Photos_0038West Fargo Wedding Photos_0040West Fargo Wedding Photos_0041Watering their tree together. Amanda carried the wooded theme throughout the day in so many ways.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0042West Fargo Wedding Photos_0043Married!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0044West Fargo Wedding Photos_0045West Fargo Wedding Photos_0046The reception looked amazing!
So many fun details everywhere.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0048West Fargo Wedding Photos_0047West Fargo Wedding Photos_0049West Fargo Wedding Photos_0050West Fargo Wedding Photos_0051West Fargo Wedding Photos_0052Let’s not forget the incredible cupcake table!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0053West Fargo Wedding Photos_0054Newlywed kisses at the reception!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0056West Fargo Wedding Photos_0057And as I always LOVE to do, I’m ending this post with some night photos.
It’s totally fun to slip away from your guests for a few moments and take a few photos when all the nerves of the day have worn off.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0059Twirls!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0058West Fargo Wedding Photos_0060West Fargo Wedding Photos_0061Awwww! Sooo cute.

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0062West Fargo Wedding Photos_0063
HAPPY WEDDING DAY, Mike and Amanda!
Hugs, best wishes and lots of love as you begin your married life together!

West Fargo Wedding Photos_0064***


Bridal Gown and Veil: Alan Evans
Catering: MSUM
Flowers and Reception Decor: Zach Fischer at Balloons & More
Hair and Makeup: Blonde Ambition
Jewelry: Riddles
Transportation: Fargo Party Ride
DJ: Powerplay DJ
Photography: Studio A Photo



  1. Juanita Lewis says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’ve known Amanda for a few years & am so happy for her & her new husband. Gorgeous pictures

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