My Latest Thoughts | May Self Portrait

Last week I challenged myself to create a dramatic portrait in our small living space. I set up a light with 2×3 softbox + grid and decided to use some gold curtains as a backdrop. Checked the clock. 1:49 p.m. and school pickup wasn’t until 3:15 p.m – plenty of time to shoot!

Abby Anderson Self Portrait
Twenty minutes later I realized my wall clock batteries were dead and I was almost late, so that was the end of that. But I did come away with exactly one usable photo! And since it looks like I’m thinking, let me tell you about some of my latest thoughts. (How was that for a transition?)


Wedding Season

My photography season hit last week and I could giggle with glee. All the back end winter work of running a business like this is okay, but it’s nothing compared to actually creating images. I am a photographer who loves photography, not paperwork, and the last month I have been so restless and feeling like a horse ready to bolt out of the gate! Now that I’m back in the saddle, I am much happier and more mentally level.

Boxes, Bags, Ribbons and Tags

The last month I’ve been shopping for packaging materials that reflect the brand I just launched.  Oh myyyy goodness, there are so many options! If you had visited me two weeks ago, you would have found me glued to my desk with a measuring tape, making sure the boxes I was ordering will fit inside the BIGGER boxes in which I will ship them. I designed a million tags, stickers and address labels and bought a bunch of ribbon, including some fuschia velvet ribbon so pretty that I want to pet it. I’m excited to mail my brides pretty things!

Fixer Uppers 

My husband I designed and built a house some years ago, then ended up selling it and downsizing when he got sick. We learned a lot about construction and building projects! Since he is still recovering from his health issues, we are currently living in a smaller space which is much easier to maintain. We both work from home and have two kids so our two-bedroom apartment can at times feel a little cramped, but we make it work! We’ve even come to enjoy our easy-breezy, low maintenance lifestyle.  However, when the time is right we have dreams of finding an older home to re-model. This may or may not be largely influenced by our new-found love of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ show now streaming on Netflix. (The girls even love to watch the show!)

I Need Another Camera

Isn’t that what all photographers say? I have my eye on a purchase that I hope to make mid-summer. As opposed to my wedding photography cameras, this one would be alllllllllll minnnnnnnne, More on that later.

Social Media

From a personal perspective (not a business perspective) I’ve kind of been tired of social media lately, except for Snapchat. Everyone used to complain about people only posting “what they had for lunch”, but I think posting about what you’re eating, among other daily choices, is the best part of online connection. It’s the minor, everyday lifestyle stuff that really interest me. I guess it’s great to be able to announce milestones and chronicle big adventures and projects, but my favorite use of social media will always be the little things. I feel like this organic use of social media has moved away from Facebook/Instagram and currently lives on Snapchat. I’m sure it won’t be long before curated content and multi-level marketing reps take over the next frontier, but I’m personally enjoying it while it lasts.

On turning 31 

It’s my birthday on Saturday. Turning 31 is one of those birthdays that you feel indifferent about and just sort of happens. Does that make me old and senile? I’m guessing I’ll make my traditional stop to pick up a birthday treat at Nichole’s, skip the gym and maybe eat pizza, so there’s that.

The Golden Years of Parenting

Eden transitioned out of a five point harness and into a booster seat this month, plus she’s riding a real bike with training wheels, which basically means I’ve hit the golden years of parenting. It’s a great step toward their independence. My girls are now old enough to enjoy watching Swiss Family Robinson but young enough to enjoy tickle fights and slobbery kisses. What is this amazing life?! We have a lot of big plans for this summer and I plan to enjoy every moment.

Until next month! ♥AA

This is a continuation of my monthly self portrait series.
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