Abby Anderson’s Top 100 Images of 2023: Wedding photographer in Fargo ND

Abby Anderson’s Top 100 Images of 2023
Wedding photographer in Fargo ND

Good morning, friends! I’m wearing a cozy fleece, sitting at my desk drinking a cup of coffee on this snowy Minnesota January morning and wondering where in the world the last year went?! Wow these last months have flown by. 2023 was a big year for me. On a personal note, my kids are getting older and involved in more things which is super fun! On the business end of things, I started working out of a brand new studio in South Fargo, ran another wonderful year of my wedding intern program, photographed fifteen weddings and booked another seventeen couples for 2024. I’ve been going through the thousands of images I captured last year and have selected my top 100 images to share with you today! This collection has been an annual tradition for many years, so settle in with your hot cup of coffee and enjoy browsing through these beautiful moments.  I’ve included a few personal notes on a few of the image selections!


This is a double exposure overlooking Broadway in downtown Fargo! I love that you can clearly see the Fargo Theatre sign. The traffic and parked cars add more *sparkle* to the bride’s sleeve and you can see the bride’s sparkly ring.

This was captured at my first wedding of the year in January 2023. The flower girl showed off her dress to the bride & groom (her parents!) during the first look.

Night time portraits are a forever favorite. I especially like the lighting and color tones of this image.

While getting ready, Hailey’s puppy, Remi, walked over and settled on her train.

Simple, clean, timeless bridal portraits are my jam.


The lines!

Being a ringbearer is exhausting work.

Receiving line joy!

I caught this moment of Alissa’s parents proudly watching their daughter as a bride

This sunset at Rustic Oaks blew me away.

Best wedding day shoes of the season?? On a personal note, I started wearing various types of sneakers to weddings this year for the first time EVER and honestly my feet have never been happier. Thank you 2023 fashion.

I love when couples are 100% totally themselves.

It’s sometimes hard to keep excited kids quiet during the first dance!

I used a slow shutter to capture the movement of this waterfall at Rendezvous Park. Obsessed.

This shot of Shelby blowing her streamer into Conner’s face just makes me laugh!

Another favorite classic bridal portrait!

His face says it all! His mama is gorgeous!

This garden setting was a dream

The black and white shot below was captured by my second photographer, Kayla! It’s one of my favorites because you can feel the anticipation of the bride and her dad before walking into the ceremony. Another favorite ceremony image. Every expression is so sweet.  In 2023 I started reminding myself to climb things to get a different perspective. 

This image was from my first wedding at the brand new Brewhalla Event Center! Side note: I’ll be at their wedding show on Feb 18 so come visit me!

This detail shot was lit with my iphone flashlight!

This engagement photo was shot through blades of grass.

I think the color swirls look like a painting.

 You can see the sparkle of Lindsey’s ring popping out of the shadow. 

Chandler & Kara’s first look! Ok – you need to zoom in and notice the details of this photo because it’s another top favorite.  You can’t see Kara’s face, only her lifted dress as she approaches from behind the trees. Meanwhile, Chandler’s grin and excited eyes just gets me!

Once again, climbing things for the shot!


The image below was made on a chalkboard wall in a church youth room. Not pictured, a pool table just outside the frame. 🙂


What an incredible year!! Do you want to see my favorite photos from previous years? Click any post below!

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