Abby Anderson Home Office 2.0 Tour

Abby Anderson Home Office 2.0 Tour
Welcome to my space!

You know what they say about giving a mouse a cookie, right? Well… that mouse is ME and I just re-decorated my office! A few years ago I gave you a tour of my home office. This 66 sq. foot room is my very own corner of the world and I love spending time here. It wasn’t in the plans to re-decorate this year, it just sort of happened when I decided to swap out my desk for a custom countertop! My sister-in-law works with me occasionally, helping with admin work so I liked the idea of enough surface area for two computers and a custom height for long stretches of editing. However, as soon as the countertop was installed the whole room felt WRONG. Suddenly, I found myself longing for a quieter, more refined space. The countertop lead to a new chair. Then new artwork led to a new monitor… you get the idea. Mouse. Cookie.

In a bold, shocking move I removed all my client work off the walls and replaced it with this “Lowland” 31×47 print from Juniper Print Shop and some prints of my own florography work in a mix of modern and vintage frames. I feel so peaceful with these prints on the wall and honestly the room feels bigger now. I bought these vintage frames from a friend. Just look at the delicious detail!

Two light blue totes from Target went into the lower level of my bookcase and provided a bit of complimentary color.

A close up of the new shelf organization situation — all from Amazon. I lost all my desk drawers when converting to a countertop so I bought various sizes of linen drawers and acrylic drawers to hold my checkbooks, stamps, notecards and other random office items. The metal shelf helps me double the storage space for equipment when I come home from shoots. On the left, the thinnest, prettiest file box! It was the perfect size to hold all my crucial business paperwork and receipts.  I’ve learned that the smaller the office, the more efficient with storage space you need to be. My other file box was massive and with so much wasted space. No more!

This excerpt from a devotional I love is one of my favorite prayers. I see it every day when I go to my office and work.

One of my florography pieces is always on my desktop. I change the image regularly depending on my mood. 🙂

An ever present fixture in my office is a little blue post office box from my Grandma’s house in Salol, MN. She ran a post office inside her home (!!) and I loved visiting here there.

I love a good BEFORE and AFTER comparison, so here you go!

YES, I know. I bought an uglier office chair. But the reality is I’m three years older and smarter than last time. 🙂 The gray blanket helps to cover up some of the ergonomic-ness of the new chair, right? Haha! I hope you enjoyed the Abby Anderson Home Office 2.0 Tour!

Abby Anderson is a Wedding, Portrait and Business Branding Photographer
Located in Fargo, ND – Moorhead, MN //


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