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Welcome to my space!
Abby Anderson Home Office Tour

Fargo Moorhead Wedding Photographer

Welcome to my office, friends! This bright and pretty corner of my house is where all the photo magic happens and today I wanted to give you a little tour. I’m no stranger to tiny work spaces. For the last five years I’ve worked from a 4 foot x 18 inch desk tucked away at the foot of a bed. (See below photo pulled from the instagram archives) 

This finally changed when we moved into a new house mid-November and I claimed a bonus space off the Master Suite. It’s still relatively small, 11 x 6 feet, but it feels MASSIVE compared to my previous setup and makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. One of the first things I did after moving in was totally furnish and decorate this room. Moving is awful you guys. With the whole house under siege of boxes I needed one area to feel pretty, or at least DONE. And here it is…ta-da!
The bookcase and lamp and most of the photo frames are from Target, with a few HomeGoods pieces sprinkled in. The desk chair and filing cabinet were online finds (yay, Houzz and Wayfair) and the glorious, HUGE white desk is from a Sugar Paper collaboration with Target.  Right around 10 a.m. this room floods with natural light and when the sounds of my favorite Spotify playlists are rolling, it’s basically my favorite place to be.
Today I photographed the room and also roped my husband into snapping a few extra photos of meeeee. Because when your hair is good you don’t want to waste it!
I love getting photo thank-you cards from my couples. I lost a bunch during my move, but the ones I could find were pinned to my pinboard. Do you guys ever pick a Word of the Year? Lately I’ve had the word “patience” ringing in my head. Specifically as regards to suppressing restlessness and steadily doing the work. The only way to build something that lasts is to do it slowly. This applies to relationships, business, Spiritual life, learning to cook, forming good habits, ALL OF IT.
So…that’s my word for 2018.

Tulips and green tea give me life.
On the opposite corner of the room is my Anika  & Eden corner. This chair and extra dry erase board is just for them and results in black smudges all over the wall. BUT the notes I get are totally worth it.
For instance, a couple days ago I shattered the glass top of my stove in a major cooking fail and Anika felt so badly for me.  in a major spurt of empathy she left me this note in my office. And told me three times in the next couple of hours that I was her best friend. Coming from a ten year old, that means a lot. ♥ The puffy foam hearts are Valentines from both of the girls and they won’t be leaving my office anytime soon.
This little ceramic mailbox came from my Grandma Pearl’s house. She was post mistress in Salol, a little town in Northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. The Post Office was located in the entrance to her house and when I was a little girl I would sit with her behind the counter and count pennies.  

Behold an Abby in her natural habitat. Tea and Editing.

So even though most of the time I’m working in this office with dirty hair, yoga pants and slippers, when you email me please imagine writing back to you looking like this. (Good hair, baby.)

I hope you enjoyed this tour! Much love and Happy Friday!


Abby Anderson is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND
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  1. Josette says:

    This is so great! I love your decorating style and all that natural light!

  2. Britta says:

    Cute (as always) Abby! Feel free to come to my studio and decorate for me 🙂 I’m on the struggle bus.

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