The Plague of March | March Self Portrait

The last two weeks of March 2015 will forever go down in our family history books as The Plague of March.
Oh my WORD. Look up “miserable” in the dictionary and you will see a picture of my little family.
Colds and congestion on top of three waves of a stomach flu. (THREE. MAY I REPEAT.)
Everyone was crabby. Fitful sleep, no appetites and plenty of doom and gloom to go around.
While spending more hours hibernating under Grandma’s quilt than I care to admit, I had time to ponder the situation.
It was like every virus in Fargo-Moorhead looked up our address and stopped by for an extended sleepover.

2015-03-30_0001And sometimes I pictured myself walking around town with a big net crazily scooping UP EVERY GERM to bring home.
I’m running to Target, honey. Gonna pick up some┬ábananas, nail polish remover and another stomach flu germ.


In any case, April is just around corner and IT’S A GOOD THING.
Good riddance, March. Be nicer next year.

This is the continuation of my self-portrait series.
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