April Days // iPhone

Family Life:

1. Took my girls out for doughnuts after their bi-yearly portrait session. (This mama needed a nap AND a time out after that one)
2. In a weak moment, let them use the stinking heavy grocery store cart. (Their eyes glistened and shone with happiness; My arms ached)
3. Took them on a walk on a glorious spring day and was amused by Peter Pan-like shadows
4. Enjoyed our tiny patio as a family for the first time this year. 

Photography Life:

5. Shot a brief commercial session in a warehouse for a clothing store. Surrounded by unattractive pallets full of beet pulp shreds, I exercised my creative vision and found angles that pleased me. Apparently, I also mopped their floor with my belly.
6. Spent an awesome week putting together a collaborative senior shoot with two local clothing stores and a couple of fabulous high school girls.
7. Went to a fireworks store and bought flammable shiny stuff. A sparkler shoot was on the brain (check it out here!) but now I’m also stockpiled in the off chance any of my brides are up for some late-night fun after their weddings. 🙂

Dork Life:

8. I dress cool.


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