Fargo Business Coach Branding Photographers

Fargo Business Coach Branding Photographers
Ciara Stockeland

Good photography is so important to any online business model! Ciara is a business coach who works with boutiques to improve profitability. She runs an online Facebook community and helps demystify the scary topic of money. I wanted these photographs to highlight her signature Midwest friendliness, killer sense of style, and her love for teaching! This is the third shoot I’ve done for Ciara’s business. What I love about Ciara is her she offers may be intangible (coaching) but she totally gets the importance of having fresh images to market her services with. The result is that she has a fresh look year in and year out! AMAZING! { Fargo Business Coach Branding Photographers }

Images with white space are very helpful on social media and websites.

Ciara does a lot of Facebook Live events with her online communities!

A good photo communicates a concept. One of my favorite images from our shoot was this image of a hand throwing money into a trash can. She can use this to communicate to business owners that if they don’t understand their profit and loss, they are literally throwing money away!

Location is also of absolute importance! Since Ciara works with so many boutique owners, we shot part of her session at Olive Street where I promptly bought two blazers as soon as I walked in (because hello…so cute!).


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