Choppy, Chop, Chop! | October Self Portrait.

 October Self Portrait

Last night I had a hair appointment with my sister, Rachel.
She’s a magic hair woman and thanks to her, I’m able to skip the salon and still keep my hair fresh!
She taught me to foil and highlight so now we trade.  It really is quite a fabulous arrangement for me, considering the cost of salon treatments.
My natural color is a pretty dull, dark, ashy color which on it’s own, lacks warmth and personality.
Anyway, bleach highlights and a warming conditioner every few months (who knows what it’s really called. I just made that name up.)
brings out the sunshine in my little hairs and makes me a happy haired camper.

My go-to length is LONG. But every few years I get the urge for a shorter ‘do.
After the birth of my first daughter, I had my hair at chin length or shorter, which was fun!
Long hair will probably always be my favorite, but a girl has to switch it up every once and a while, am I right?
So last night…. I couldn’t take it anymore. Good-byyyyyye eight inches!

Here’s the before:

self portrait hair cute photo
And after!

Fargo Photographer Self Portrait
A fun, fresh change!!


This is the continuation of my 2014 self-portrait series.
See other posts from the series here!


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