Meet my 2017 Photography Interns! | Abby Anderson Intern Program

Meet my 2017 Photography Interns!
Abby Anderson Intern Program

I’m excited to introduce you to this year’s photography interns!  This is the 4th official year of the Abby Anderson Intern Program and it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of my business. Throughout the year, these two ladies will be able to observe what it’s like to run a creative business, work with clients and be artistic under pressure.  This year I’m including some extra mentoring in photography itself, which means they will have the opportunity to grow in their photography skills as well!

Meet Hannah!

Hannah has some experience around cameras and creative pursuits as she is married to a very talented videographer. Funny story – we’ve actually known each other since we were 6 years old as we attended the same church for many years. She has an incredible genuine and lovely personality and is absolutely hilarious! It’s been so fun for us to re-connect and I’m pumped to spend the year hanging out together during shoots.

Age: 29
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation
Exciting Travel Plans:  I’m going kayaking with manatees in Florida later this year!
Weird Habit: Obsessively straightening the living room rug. And couches, and pillows….
Favorite color: All colors.  I don’t want to be mean and leave any color out!
What are you MOST excited about this summer? I love learning! I’m excited to soak up knowledge and new experiences. And hang out with Abby.
(awwww….shucks, Hannah!)

Meet Hillary!

Hillary has a lot of previous camera experience, working for Vanity as a product photographer. She already has a great idea for a good portrait and it makes me excited to think of the dual perspectives we’ll be able to capture during parts of the wedding day if she is shooting alongside of me.  This girl is SO kind and sweet, and has the best sparkle in her eye. We already had a chance to work together at a wedding this past Saturday and she rocked it!

Age: 26
Favorite Food: Vanilla Ice Cream
Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Exciting Travel Plans:  Traveling to San Francisco for a vacation, all by myself!
Pet Peeve: When businesses use bad grammar online
Favorite color: Green
What are you MOST excited about this summer? Learning how to run a creative business and interact with clients.


We just met up this past Thursday night at the studio. I taught them all about my lighting setups and we ate pizza and it was all kinds of fun.  Personally, I’m excited that both girls’ names start with H.  Is that weird?? Here we come, 2017!


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