2018 Wedding Intern Program – Applications Open!

2018 Wedding Intern Program
Applications Open!

Today I’m opening up applications for the Abby Anderson Wedding Photography Intern Program! This is the fourth year of the intern program and one of my favorite parts of this job.

If you:
A) Are super friendly and can anticipate people’s needs
B) Want to learn about running a creative business
C) Have some camera knowledge but want to grow in your skills
D Spend too much time on Instagram

…. then I would love to hear from you! This is a paid internship and 100% hands on! There will be little to no formal instruction, however you will have a front row seat to my weddings and a few portrait shoots as well. You will spend a day or two at my home office helping with some tasks and learning about how I manage my business on the back end. I will teach you to shoot during a couple key moments on the wedding day and you will assist the rest of the day. You will have full access to ask me anything about photography or running a creative business.  You will hold reflectors and camera gear, fluff dresses, move furniture, stand in the rain, enjoy wild sunsets, learn about off-camera lighting, eat cake, get sore feet and witness how giddy and weird I get in the car at 11 p.m. at night. You will learn a TON about being a photographer, but even more about how to give clients an amazing experience.

If you’re interested in applying, send an email to abby@abbyanderson.com and be sure to include the following:

1. Your name, where you live, and a list of your social media accounts that you are active on (include your handles)
2. Describe what experiences you’ve had with weddings or the wedding industry
3. Describe your level of camera experience
4. Tell me your favorite thing about instagram
5. Tell me why you’re interested in this internship

March 28-3: Applications
April 3-5: Interviews
April 12-27: Work Day at my Home Office + Equipment Training Day  (scheduling TBD)
May – December: WEDDING SEASON!

Here’s what the 2017 interns (the most FABULOUS Hannah & Hillary) had to say:

“You know how you sometimes think, ‘Wow, I would LOVE to be behind-the-scenes and pick that person’s brain.’? Well, as Abby’s intern, you get to do exactly that! She is an open book with any questions you have – either about the wedding day details or about running a successful photography business. She is such a lovely person and you get to learn so much by being her intern for an entire wedding season. You’ll absorb more information than you ever thought – make sure to bring a notebook to write things down!” – Hannah Balko

“Interning for Abby was one of the most beneficial things I have done for myself as a creative business owner! Abby is a wonderful mentor and friend and answered any questions I had with expertise and enthusiasm. I learned so much not only about wedding photography, but also about marketing, client experience and running a creative business. The program pushed me to grow as a photographer and gave me enough confidence to begin shooting weddings on my own.” – Hillary Ehlen

And here is what previous interns had to say!

“…Abby taught me many techniques as well as many professional skills that I will take with me, and use forever. It was very inspiring to watch Abby’s creative vision unfold right before me. Her attitude is infectious and made any shoot a fun and exciting adventure.”
– Anna Lemm

“…I was able to not just learn and gain knowledge….but I was able to gain a mentor/friend, and grow in my passion and excitement for photography.  I am very thankful for this opportunity as it was a crazy-fun, positive, inspiring, work of art experience!”
–Kayla Lee

“… Abby is a fantastic teacher, as well as a friend. I learned a unique combination of personal creativity, professional composure, and a driven attitude to pursue excellence.   “
— Lexi Berntson

“Being an intern for Abby Anderson was the best possible opportunities for me in starting my own business. After a long day of shooting, Abby is always so pumped up over her shooting, and explains how she problem solved and what some of her favorite shots were and why. Every shoot with her was a learning experience.”
–Abbie Berge

Some behind the scenes photos from the 2017 wedding season! A lot of these photos are kind of unflattering but give you an idea of how hard we work! Haha!

Professional dress thrower

Even little wedding guests enjoy learning how to take pictures! Step 1: Press the shutter button.
Stuffing a dress with grocery bags for proper form. *giggle*
Lake love! I didn’t fall in this time.
Hannah studying up on the seating chart.
That time it started to downpour in the middle of portraits and we used my giant reflector as an umbrella. All I can think about while writing this post is the Irving Berlin lyrics, “All kinds of weather, we stick together, the same in the rain and sun…”
That time Hillary saw a place card on fire and saved the entire reception from burned down. (I’m being a little dramatic)
Hannah is so rad she can can light things while doing a model walk
She was this happy, even before cake.
Professional bouquet organizerWhen you’re an intern, you get to witness the most beautiful moments
…and watch a crazy blonde photographer creep in bushes and almost fall in the creek.
You can’t beat the sunsets.
Or the crazy.
Hovering like a UFO.
The only way to pose for a light test. Let’s be real.
The best part of the year is becoming FRIENDS. (Thank you Jeremy from MixVibes for this photo!)

Abby Anderson is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND
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