Rustic Oaks Engagement Session – Brady & Brianna

Rustic Oaks Engagement Session
Brady & Brianna

Ahh!! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to share this session! The first time I met up with Brady and Brianna, I remember Brianna telling me how much she loves photos. I mean, she REALLY  loves photos!  Earlier this Spring we went to their wedding venue for this Rustic Oaks Engagement Session.  Their daughter Amelia joined us for a few images as well. It’s hard to believe that Brady and Brianna are getting married this Saturday! From what I’ve heard, Amelia is pretty convinced it is her wedding day and that mommy’s going to be the flower girl.  Haha! It’s going to be so fun! rustic-oaks-engagement-session-1 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-4rustic-oaks-engagement-session-3 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-5 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-7rustic-oaks-engagement-session-8rustic-oaks-engagement-session-6 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-9 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-10 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-11 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-12 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-14rustic-oaks-engagement-session-13 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-15 rustic-oaks-engagement-session-17
Stay tuned for their wedding day blog post this coming Tuesday!


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