Our 12th Anniversary Photo Session

Our 12th Anniversary Photo Session
(Taken by our ten-year-old daughter!)

Confession: It has been years since my husband and I have had a portrait session.

The daily symptom load he is under while on treatments for Lyme Disease severely limits what he is capable of doing, so our celebrations of special events these past few years have been low-key by necessity. We are fairly used to that by now, so it came as a pleasant surprise when he had a better-than-usual day last weekend while we were celebrating our anniversary. On a whim, I asked our ten year old daughter if she could take some photos of us. We chose a nearby park with a parking lot close to some trees, as he still can’t walk very far. Anika did such a good job following instructions and being our personal photographer for the evening… perhaps due to the bribe of macaroni-and-cheese and frozen yogurt. Don’t tell her, but I would have paid a LOT MORE THAN THAT! For such a quick, spontaneous shoot the images came out so beautifully. I think it was a gift!!!! These are PRICELESS to me!

If I’m honest, one of the reasons I am so passionate about Anniversary Sessions is that I have wished for years that my husband and I could have more photos together. Even amid sickness, having kids, and multiple moves I want to continue to celebrate our unique identity as a couple and have physical, tangible reminders of how valuable we are to each other.

Photos talk back to you and tell you stories of your life.

This is what happens when a ten year old gives you posing instructions
I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of Jonathan and the girls.
They had just gotten hair cuts that afternoon and were wearing little tattoos from the salon on their arms.
My sweetie even snapped a couple new head shots for me. It was easy to smile for him!

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