Nate and Jodi | Thumper Pond Resort Wedding Photographer

If you live in the Ottertail, MN region, chances are you been to the Thumper Pond Resort for one reason or another. Thumper Pond is wonderful for the avid golfer, the relaxing family vacation or for that perfect outdoor event. In Nate and Jodi’s case, it was the latter. Their wedding day, nestled within the ample groves of pine trees was  full of happy tears and vivid colors!

If you look closely at the image below, you’ll see Jodi’s reflection is wearing a different dress. Her Grandmother’s! (pictured on the right)

One thing I loved so much about this wedding day was to see the joyful interaction between Nate and Jodi. These two were so excited for their wedding day, and it was such a pleasure to witness!

The image below was all thanks to a slight hill on the golf course and a mini-trampoline we golf carted over to the spot. I was on the ground, flat on my stomach shooting upwards while Nate and Jodi (both of them gymnasts) jumped up and down for me. I always get so excited when clients are willing to go along with my crazy whims. 😉 One of my favorites!

Jodi surprised her grandmother with a special birthday cake, since her birthday was the same day as their wedding! I think she was a little overwhelmed…in the most happy sort of way. 🙂

I love when couples book me for longer amounts of time so that I can stay through sunset. Some of the most fantastic images happen as the sun is setting. The pressure of the wedding ceremony is off, the guests are happily eating cake, and those 15 peaceful minutes out in the sunshine together = totally worth it.

Mmmm….beautiful light! Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. H 😉


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