Alex & Rachel – Fargo Moorhead Country Farm Engagement Photos

Fargo Moorhead Country Farm Engagement Photos
Alex & Rachel

Ohhh, these two are so special I hardly know where to start. Besides the fact that they are ridiculously adorable together, Rachel and I have quickly bonded over our love of photos. Alex jokes that Rachel is the kind of girl who always has her camera out, taking photos of every event they experience together. I laughed over this in perfect understanding because my husband often laughingly remarks that he forgot cameras existed when we started dating, If there was any thing to take photos of, he knew I’d be all over it. (“Abby, are you done photographing my meal so I can eat it now?”) Rachel, I feel ya girl. And it was so fun to take these photos FOR you.  I hope you enjoy every minute of this beautiful engagement season. Your wedding day is going to be amazing and I simply can’t wait! 
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