Engagement Photos in Fargo Moorhead – Ezra & Lexi

Engagement Photos in Fargo Moorhead
Ezra & Lexi

It’s been a busy week on the blog, but this is a special post!!!¬†You may remember Lexi, who was one of my photo assistants in 2014-2015. She is now engaged to the love of her life, Ezra, and their engagement session is brimming with energy and sweet love. I am over the moon that I got to photograph their engagement photos in Fargo Moorhead AND that I get to do their wedding in Buffalo, ND next summer! These two have amazing chemistry and besides being crazy good looking, they also have that sparkle in their eye whenever they look at each other. LOVE THAT. During their session I often remarked, “Can you please make this a little harder for me?!” Haha! This is going to be a longer post than usual…. enjoy!
engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-1 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-2 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-3 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-42016-10-12_0036 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-7engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-52016-10-12_0037 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-8 Ezra plays football on his college team, and Lexi is his #1 fan.engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-92016-10-12_0034 2016-10-12_0035 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-10 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-11 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-12engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-13 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-14
2016-10-12_0038 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-15 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-16
engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-17We ended our session at Buffalo River State Park during sunset. This State Park is a quick 20 minute drive from town and has open prairies, walking trails and a beautiful view of the open sky! The colors of these images are so delicious.
engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-18 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-19 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-20
engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-21engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-22 engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-312016-10-12_0033engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-23engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-24engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-30engagement-photos-in-fargo-moorhead-25A pink sunset made the evening so special!
Abby Anderson is an engagement and wedding photographer in Fargo – Moorhead.
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