An Opportunity to be a Photography Intern!

Abby Anderson Photography Intern

Hey Everyone! I’m looking for two new Abby Anderson Photography Intern candidates for the 2016 Wedding Season!  This is an AMAZING opportunity to observe what it’s like to be a photographer. If you’re interested in a photography career someday, this would be great for you!  Interns come with me as assistants for all engagement, senior and wedding shoots. The main job of an assistant is to hold reflectors, aid in setting up lighting gear, grabbing water, fluffing wedding dresses and generally being available for all the little errands/odd jobs that come along with wedding days. Along the way, and will have the freedom to ask me ANYTHING about the process or about running a business. I should also mention, this is a PAID internship. I take this role very seriously, and I want you to as well! You will need to be able to commit to about 3-4 shooting days per month.

Shout out to my amazing 2014-2015 intern, Lexi and my 2015 intern Abbie! These girls were amazing, and I think they learned so much. Here’s what they had to say:

“My experience with Studio A was more than I had hoped for. After working with Abby for over 2 years, I learned a unique combination of personal creativity, professional composure, and a driven attitude to pursue excellence. I could not have asked for better training; Abby is a fantastic teacher, as well as a friend.  My time as an intern was worth every second, and I will carry everything I learned with me for life.”  
— Lexi Berntson

“Being an intern for Abby Anderson was the best possible opportunities for me in starting my own business. The experience of working with Abby and watching someone who is such a hard worker, so experienced, and so prepared proved invaluable to me. As her assistant I often found myself distracted from my duties because I was so busy soaking up all that she did and said to her subjects as she seamlessly and quickly composed her shots. I could watch her work all day, and she’s pretty fun to be around too!! After a long day of shooting, Abby is always so pumped up over her shooting, and explains how she problem solved and what some of her favorite shots were and why. Every wedding or shoot with her was a learning experience and I am and will always be so grateful to have had those times working with her. ”
–Abbie Berge 

I need to mention — Abbie just recently launched a new website for her photography work and she is doing such beautiful work!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos from our wedding days last year. We have a TON of fun and work HARD!

You will be trained to set up all sorts of lighting equipment. With timed drills. (Just kidding, kind of.)

2016-03-21_0001You will become a professional dress fluffer.


And a professional at carrying 6 bridesmaids dresses at once.

You will meet your nemesis:  THE REFLECTOR. Just remember: taco twist.


And when you finally get the reflector folded up, you will leave weddings feeling like a victorious conqueror.


You will be in charge of taking behind-the-scenes photos, forever documenting
the time I stabbed a groomsmen in the chest with a boutonniere pin. (KIDDING!)

I promise. We don’t have any fun at ALL.


Holding lights!


Granted, you’ll have to watch me do all kinds of weirdness. (Don’t even ask why I have this face, because I HAVE NO IDEA)


BUT you might even get to eat cookies!


Sometimes I talk too much.


and you’ll have to help me test lighting.


BUT, sometimes we get to swing and run around on country roads.


And of course we will be as weird as possible in photobooths!!


< Insert Random Wedding Selfie >

So —  how about it?

If you’re young, energetic, love to dress up for weddings and are willing to hike through mud and grasses to get the best shot,
email me at! Tell me why you’re interested in being an intern, and verify that you are available April – December!

I can’t wait to hear from you! ♥AA


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