Abby Anderson Intern Program

Abby Anderson Intern Program

Every year the Abby Anderson Intern Program has become more of an established part of my business. Having shooting assistants has been integral to my lighting approach, and my work has been able to grow because of all the wonderful people who have come along to assist me!! I am so, so grateful. It is also VERY exciting because I have a passion for sharing knowledge of how to be a creative woman in business, and I love how these intern relationships blossom and turn into amazing friendships. And so today, I want you to meet my 2016 Photography Interns! After looking through a number of applications, these girls definitely stood out. I’m so excited to have them join my team this year! We met up for some frozen yogurt the other night and scheduled out the summer,  plus talked through a few other important questions, as you will see in our interview below. 🙂


How old are you? 24
What is your favorite color? Purple
What did you get on top of your frozen yogurt? Sour Patch Kids, cherries and strawberries!
Favorite TV show: I don’t watch a lot of TV.
Current “Occupation”: Student at MState for Medical Administrative Assistant. (Graduating soon!) Daycare provider. Lover of all things creative!
Favorite food: Tacos
What are you most excited for this year? To learn more about photography in general, and to observe lots of weddings since I’m getting married in October!

(Remember her senior photo shoot last November?)

How old are you? 18
What is your favorite color? Turquoise
What did you get on top of your frozen yogurt? Strawberries and brownies.
Favorite TV show: New Girl
Current “Occupation”: Senior at Hillsboro High School, going to NDSU this fall for Ag Communications
Favorite food: Bow Tie Noodles
What are you most excited for this year? To learn about photography lighting and client communication!


We had a great time chatting, and even took an iphone selfie.  In a couple weeks we’ll be meeting up for training they will learn all about my lighting setups and how we manage wedding day equipment organization, plus wayyyyy more! Maybe we’ll even have to eat bow-tie noodles and tacos. (You know, it’s an option.) I’m so excited to spend the summer with these two.
(Girls, get ready for some CRAZY FUN!)



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