Wedding, Engagement and Senior Photo Location Ideas in Fargo ND


Photo Location Ideas in Fargo-Moorhead

Photo Location Ideas in Fargo-Moorhead

Today I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite locations for photo sessions! It’s important to know that locations are really a very SMALL part of what makes a great photo! Light is always more important than the location, and the crazy thing is that light can look totally different if it’s morning or evening, spring or fall. It’s amazing to me how I can shoot at the same location all year and get totally different images! No matter what location we choose, I will always look for the light. If the light is better across the street from where we planned to shoot…we’ll probably move! Besides the light, there are other huge factors that make up a great photo. The moment we capture, body language, composition – it all works together to create something magical!

When you’re deciding what locations to use for your session, you should ask yourself a couple main questions: Do you like buildings and urban settings or do you prefer nature, trees and greenery? Do you want the images to feel energetic and busy, or do you want something quiet and peaceful? If you’re using the images for Save-the-Date or Holiday cards, there might be a particular color scheme you want to follow.

This list will help you find the “look and feel” you prefer. Browse through and let me know your favorites!

First Presbyterian Church:

Island Park:

Blue Eagle Lake in Barnesville, MN:

Heritage Hjemkomst Center:

Outdoors at the Heritage Hjmkomst center:

Rustic Oaks: (so many great photo locations out here!)

The Rourke Art Museum:

Trollwood Park in North Fargo:

Fargo Theatre/Broadway:

Inside the Fargo Theatre:
The top of the Robert Commons parking garage:

Inside the Robert Commons parking garage:

Hotel Donaldson rooftop:

Hotel Donaldson restaurant:

Federal courthouse:

Random Downtown Fargo streets!

Main Ave Train Depot:

8th Street (Nichole’s Fine Pastry):

Sanctuary Events:

Ivy Wall on Roberts:

Moorhead Center Mall:

Orchard Glen during apple blossom season:

Oak Grove football field:

Oak Grove park:

The willow trees on the Concordia College campus:

The tree tunnel near Concordia College football fields:

Gooseberry park river trails:

Buffalo River State Park:

NDSU Campus:

20Below Coffee:
Moorhead Dairy Queen:

Lion’s Conservancy Park:

Wheat fields in the fall:

By the lake in Detroit Lakes, MN:

Ice Palace in Detroit Lakes (The local winter carnival only happens for a week in February):

Random willow trees off University Ave:

Bluestem Center:

Dunton Locks in Detroit Lakes, MN

And of course, there’s my studio!

I hope this list helps you as you consider locations for your upcoming photo session!

xoxo, Abby

Abby Anderson is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Fargo, ND + Moorhead, MN
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